Speaking Engagements

brandt_bioCharles Brandt offers three main talks for his speaking engagements, which are one-hour talks plus open audience Q&A.  Each speaking engagement can be customized to the audience.

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Catching the Lie Through Simple Questions: The Art & Science of Advanced Interrogation

Catching the Lie Through Simple Questions is the main technique Brandt perfected in his over 30+ year career as a trial lawyer, prosecutor, homicide investigator and Chief Deputy Attorney General.  He has trained countless law enforcement officials in this technique and solved numerous murders through his ability to develop trust with his adversaries and then methodically question them until the truth is revealed.

Catching the Lie is an engaging walk through Brandt’s solving of high profile murders combined with professional training for anyone who uses negotiation and needs to understand the deepest motivation of whoever is sitting across the table from them.  The talk can be tailored for corporate audiences dealing with advanced, high-stakes negotiations in business, banking, private equity etc….  Brandt also offers a more technical version of the speech for law firms and law enforcement officials.

From The Black Hands to International Cartel: The Mafia’s Business Plan

Brandt’s talk chronicles eye-witness accounts from his front-row seat inside the belly of the beast as he witnessed the dramatic rise of organized crime in the U.S from the masterful consolidation of local crime gangs into the Ruling Commission that created the most sophisticated international crime operation in the world.  Beginning in 1932 with Lucky Luciano, through World War II & the sinking of The S.S. Normandie, to the Mafia’s development of the heroin trade, to the powerful New York and Philadelphia crime bosses and culminating with Russell Buffalino’s role in the making of “The Godfather.” Brandt’s real life stories have audiences on the edge of their seats. He draws on his personal experiences with the Mafia and his relationships with the real Donnie Brasco, Joe Pistone, and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Lin DeVecchio, and what Brandt calls “The New Untouchables,” the FBI agents in New York City that with specially created tools, destroyed the Ruling Commission and the very Mafia itself in America.

The Remorseful Hit Man and Me

An intimate inside talk on Brandt’s 20-year personal relationship with the witty and intelligent Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. Sheeran’s ultimate deathbed confession to Brandt solved the Jimmy Hoffa murder as well as the Crazy Joey Gallo murder and held clues to the assassination of President Kennedy.  This behind-the curtains talk reveals the mind of a Mafia killer and never before revealed secrets that turned the tide of American history.