The Right To Remain Silent

The Right To Remain Silent is a detective thriller based on major crimes Brandt solved through interrogation. Then President Ronald Reagan wrote Brandt an unsolicited fan letter: “I commend your novel…for your forthright stand on improving protection of law-abiding citizens.”  The Right To Remain Silent   dramatically challenges the Miranda Rules restrictions on the use of interrogation by U.S. law enforcement.  It contains a line of dialogue, “Confession is a basic human need.”  Frank the Irishman Sheeran read this law and order book in jail while Brandt was representing him on a medical release.  It motivated Sheeran to open up and eventually confess on tape to all that Brandt revealed in his biography of Sheeran,  I Heard You Paint Houses,  including the murders of Jimmy Hoffa, Joey Gallo and President John F. Kennedy.  Brandt said: “Without the influence The Right To Remain Silent had on the Catholic conscience of Frank Sheeran, there would have been no biography of Frank Sheeran.”


“A thriller…Strong and vivid…bringing new energy to the genre.”

– NY Times Book Review

“There is simply no doubt the author speaks authoritatively…A head-long tale.”

– Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times Book Review 

“Not to be missed.”

– London Sunday Times

“Exciting and informative…Entertaining and suspenseful…It makes your blood circulate a little faster.”

– Chattanooga News-Free Press 

“Just when you think all the angles have been written and the stories told, along comes someone like Brandt who takes a simple idea and makes it a full novel…Biting dialogue and witty situations.”

– Ocala Star-Banner (FL)

“Takes the expanding criminal justice genre in an exciting new direction.”

– Mystery News

“…forceful, vibrant, highly-charged…”

– Booklist

“Brandt writes with energy and an insider’s knowledge of the criminal justice system.”

– Birmingham (AL) News

“Unique insights…blending a fast-pace with realistic detail.”

– Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Intriguing…action-filled…An entertaining intelligent look at police work and the law.”

– Sunday News Journal (DE)

“A winner!…Lots of action, a crazed vigilante, a couple of murders, a little romance…fascinating.”

– Knight-Ridder Newspapers

“As good as the best in a recent crop of outstanding thrillers by former or current law enforcement officials…Bob Leuci…Scott Turow.”

– Library Journal 


– Publisher’s Weekly